Driver’s license Management

Driving license check

Vehicle owners, fleet managers or agents who have undertaken to check drivers’ licenses have a delicate task to perform.

According to § 21 Road Traffic Act is with imprisonment up to one year or a fine is imposed on anyone who … orders as a holder of a motor vehicle or allow somebody to drive the vehicle, does not have the necessary driving license or driving the vehicle …. forbidden is.

With a drastic threat of punishment, the legislator shows that he takes the need to convince himself of a valid driver’s license very seriously.

Paper or electronic

As the person responsible, you can use a form. For safety reasons, a copy of the driver’s license or better a photo should be made during the hiring and the first inspection.

However, the following checks can be complex, especially when the drivers are not on site.

Compared to the paper solution, there are various electronic processes that simplify control.

Exam intervals

There is also the question of how often the tests are to be carried out. Checking the driver’s license twice is recommended in part. There is no legal regulation and in case of doubt, if an emergency occurs, it may also depend on the individual case. The driver’s previous behavior could constitute a further duty of care.

If the check takes place electronically, it only takes a moment and can be carried out regardless of location. As for the time interval should be a three-week period to be on the safe side. What speaks against it? The legal sanctions speak for it.

RFID tag and reader

In Germany it is possible to put a small round label on the driver’s license without covering important data. This is a transponder that can be read out using RFID technology. The corresponding reader is located in the vehicle and is connected to the telematics unit, which transfers the data to the data center for evaluation and archiving.
The transponder also has the property that it will be destroyed if it is to be removed from the driver’s license.

This ensures that the driver has a valid driver’s license at the time of the inspection.

If the driver’s license is withdrawn for a month due to a corresponding administrative offense, the driver will not be able to meet the proposed three-week period. It is therefore advisable to organize the relevant examination period automatically.

NFC tag and photo

After we have offered the RFID solution and this has also been practiced by our customers, we would like to go one step further to simplify the control process.

In accordance with our claim to provide apps to make everyday work easier, an app is also available for checking driving licenses. This makes it even more convenient because the check is no longer tied to the vehicle.

Newer smartphones and of course our TASKPHONE® have a so-called NFC reader module, which should also enable cashless payments in the future.

It is the same RFID technology, only that the NFC solution follows certain regulations. In this case too, the tag (transponder) is attached to the driver’s license and read out with the smartphone.

For further security, it can be arranged at the same time that photos are taken of the front and back of the driver’s license. You should then be able to see the day spent on it.

This procedure means double security. The three-week interval should also be followed here.