About Us

Infiware Software Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Subsidiary Company of PTC Telematik GmbH. We specializes in the development of telematics products for PTC Telematic and its partners. Our focus is on expanding and constantly improving our existing applications, but also on developing new apps.

PTC Telematik GmbH

PTC Telematik  have been developing satellite-based telematics applications to control your fleet management for over 15 years. According to the motto “Apps First”, PTC telematik want to innovatively help shape progress in the area of digitized fleet and tour management. With simple and convenient solutions, you should be able to look to the future with ease.

Trackbase GmbH

GPS vehicle tracking from TrackBase is always better. GPS tracking systems are modern, easy to use and make the processes of your fleet transparent for little money. Convince yourself of our GPS vehicle location.

nexxMedia GmbH

Development of target group-specific, cross-media software platforms, combined with applications of multifunctional telematics systems.

nexxDeli GmbH

Promote mobile local supply, facilitate people’s access to fresh products, groceries and everyday goods and promote regional trade – that is nexxDeli.

Whether fresh vegetables, meat, baked goods or snacks, on the fresh mobile, sales cart or on the marketplace, at nexxDeli you will find a wide range.

Our goal is to network salespeople, producers and customers with one another. With the online platform nexxDeli we offer consumers access to fresh food and create transparency about the origin of the products. The sellers are given the opportunity to present themselves and their goods. Another distribution channel is offered to the producers. The providers receive a website in order to increase their awareness and to convince their customers of the advantages of regional direct shopping.

nexxTrack GmbH

nexxTrack® is a social media platform for motorhome owners that includes the offers of the players in this leisure segment. Manufacturers offer vehicles for sale, landlords target newcomers and short-term vacationers. Pitch owners offer a wide range of overnight accommodations.

nexxApo GmbH

nexxApo® supports regional pharmacies in competition with online retail. The topic is the optimization of regional supply from ordering to delivery on the same day.

The customer can track the time of the tour and knows exactly when the messenger will arrive. The tours are optimized from the inventory control system and the driver receives the route on his smartphone or tablet. The delivery is recorded with a signature.

Taskphone GmbH

The TASKPHONE GmbH is our youngest daughter. With the TASKPHONE® T20, the company has created a new tool for everyday work. Handy, dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, designed in Germany: the robust outdoor smartphone is the perfect companion for anyone who travels a lot. At the same time, working with apps designed for everyday work is becoming normal – the smartphone is increasingly becoming a tool. That is why TASKPHONE GmbH specializes in products that make digital progress easier and more efficient for people. That is what TASKPHONE® stands for.